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Bluetooth Connection Problems

I was testing the EZ-B with my joystick and everything was working brilliantly. I then needed to leave the room and without thinking I removed a battery from the battery pack without disconnecting the EZ-B. When I returned and placed the battery in the battery pack the bluetooth light (which is on top I think) wasn't flashing. I am now unable to reconnect the device even though it has already been installed. What do I do?


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You can forget this thread. Just to test I changed the COM port to from 8 (which is the number that was working before) to 3 and it started working. Perhaps it's because it's my favourite number.


Actually, scratch that. I would still like to have some explanation for the failure of the Bluetooth light. I have recently discovered that it won't reconnect to COM8 at all and will only connect to COM5 and COM3. But when I connect to these ports the servos connected to the EZ-B don't rotate even though the servo windows are demonstrating that they are.


The EZ-B will be added to your computer on a different COM port than anyone elses. If it doesn't connect on 8, then it's not on COM 8... Some devices will accept an ARC connection even though it's not an eZ-B. For example some modems will accept an ARC connection. It's because my protocol is similar :)

The best way to determine if it's correct is to display the EZ-B Firmware from the Utilities menu option.

If your power source is lacking, the bluetooth module may not boot up correctly. Sometimes that requires new batteries or a larger battery pack. The 5 AA battery pack will drain quickly with many servos. I usually get an hour only out of the battery pack.


My EZ-B has been doing somee strange things lately. I was having the problems as mentioned above and then when I switched a battery around the Bluetooth light started flashing again and everything was working perfectly. But after a while it just stopped and I lost connection. Another strange thing that I have discovered is that COM3 always can connect regardless of the fact that the EZ-B is on or not. When it is connected I can control all of the servo boxes and such like with the joystick but the actual servos won't turn. It's a mystery.


I beleive you are connecting to the modem, not the ez-b. I don't think you read my reply:) ... You can verify if it's an ez-b by checking the firwmare version from the utility menu.

Please read the tutorial to find out what a COM port is and why other devices use them:

it's not a EZ-B issue :)

As for the bluetooth light, it is power related. Again, please re-read my reply haha