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DJ, have you considered the option of users being able to donate on the website. This would be a suitable way for us to show our gratitude to you for making our dreams possible


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That's such a nice suggestion:D

I really appreciate you coming up with the concept. Perhaps it will be something to consider. A "tip" for my services:)
It would be a brilliant way for us to thankyou. Many will only buy your products once and then are at loss when they try to think of ways to help you more. The amount of money you recieve is no where near equivalent to the work you put. After all, you do provide the software and online help for free. Donations will bring the amount of money and work a bit closer together
You added the option to donate! I told you it would be a good idea. Hopefully it will work
@Creativita - Thanx dude. It was a discussion we had in our last meeting. The original solution was actually a paid membership subscription. I don't mind that idea. It sure would relieve a whole pile of stress.

I didn't care for that idea entirely, so we're trying out the donation button instead. Hopefully the button proves me right:)

The donation button has already accepted a few monies from individuals. It put a smile on my face when I heard that:D - Huge smile actually.
Hey! Where's that donation button! I wan't to send one in. :D
Haha. Thanks guys:) it's not necessary! We are considering a robot education fund that would be put toward robots in schools for under privileged children. Ezrobot would match the amount raised.

It'll probably happen once we launch our new upcoming campaign and new website in about a month
Wow, how times have changed. I'll be watching for this new worthy cause and help out as much as I can. ;)
now we do
ok who's the funny person who started this.