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Task Distribution Concept

Various companies distribute their jobs and tasks through special websites. These websites act as hosts for hundreds of different people, all specialising in a particular area. By using these "un-official employees" they are able eliminate any problems that may occur in the workplace, temporarily decrease their work-load and temporarily increase their number of workers.

I believe we can apply a similar strategy with the EZ-Robot website. By using the more experienced EZ-Robot community DJ would be able to decrease his workload. In return the succesful robotisist would recieve discounts on EZ-Robot products. These are the requirements for this project:

1. A page on the EZ-Robot website. This page would contain the tasks DJ requires to be completed and profiles of the users who wish to offer their services.

2. Profiles. These profiles would be uploaded by the users and will list the the skills and knowledge that the users possesses. Users would be able to apply for a task or DJ select a user

3. Transaction System. This system would allow currency to be added to each profile. After a task has been completed DJ will transfer currency to the corresponding account. This currency would be able to be spent on EZ-Robot products

This system could be expanded, allowing other users to post tasks that are related to robotics and programming. I hope that DJ will consider this project as it will benefit him considerably. Please give feedback on this project


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This is merely a suggestion and a chance for us to assist DJ in his work, the work that he has done to benefit us. Imagine how long you have waited for a feature that you have requested. This is because DJ has an incredbly long list of tasks to complete. Because of the nature of his work these tasks take time. I would imagine that the money DJ earns from this project is far from equivalent to the time he has spent, the sleep he has lost. This project will benefit both you and DJ in a number of ways.
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There you go Creativita. I said you were a budding genius. I concur with your concept, but not entirely. I agree that DJ could certainly use some help. I just don't know how he gets so much accomplished! Getting some of the simpler and repetitive questions (much like mine) answered by other advanced users would certainly lighten the load on DJ. Not sure I agree with the concept of trading time and effort for cash discounts. It just might result in another task for DJ. He has invested so much time, effort, and creativity to this project. I think he should be able to derive income from from his work. Personally, I think the best way to support DJ is via buying his products and donating some time and effort to the EZ-B community.
i will help him count and store his money he receives from selling ez-b.
what are friends for?
I appreciate the ideas:) There is a lot happening behind the scenes in our business world. Everyday we get contacted by large companies and different types of organizations. The issue is sifting through the companies that want a free ride.

Here's a childrens story that has stuck with me for ever...

Since I've launched the project, there have been a few people involved that did a lot of damage to it. I'm too focused on achieving my goals and therefore do not have time to be phased by those people. I'm really passionate about EZ-Robot and have put everything into it, literally.

I recognize contribution and friendship, even if it's over a digital wire with all of you. Everyone who has purchased the EZ-B has been amazing. Even when someone has an issue, they give us the opprotunity to make it right before they get upset. I hope we always make it right.

The few business analysis people that I've met think I'm crazy. They visit the website and see my interaction with everyone. I've been told to stop numerous times.

They say "Ford doesn't teach their customers to drive. Why are you giving free driving lessons to your customers, DJ?". They say I sell a product, not a service and to make up my mind. Why can't we combine the two? I believe we have. I have no response to anyone who negatively criticizes EZ-Robot. If they don't get it then they are not the right fit for this project.

Does the price of the EZ-B pay for the hardware? Barely, yes. Does the price of the EZ-B pay for the software? Absolutely not. The software has cost me nearly half a million dollars to create in man-hours over the past 3 years.

The EZ-B Controller is extremely under priced. And that is due to the market not having a competitive product. I'm taking a huge gamble by devoting my time, personality and passion into this. We will prevail:) Every week we grow and change. Adding kits, more products and our growing community. I have to choose new features selectively, in order to not go over budget.

I appreciate everyone who wants to help with EZ-Robot! My friends help out a lot. Collin is in school and builds EZ-B's all day! Amy works a day job and still takes time to reply to your e-mails.

And you, the online community... You all rock! Doing what you are doing, being my online friends, is more than enough.:)

In order to grow EZ-Robot, all profit goes back into the project. I don't want the Community aspect of this project to ever change. I'd personally love to hear from every person who has purchased an EZ-B! By the Google Statistics of EZ-Robot.com, there are thousands of visitors per day to the website. They read our forums and learn from our conversations. Be proud that your forum discussions have contributed to helping many people, even if we don't hear from them.

I have fantastic goals set for EZ-Robot, and they are proving to be achievable. Everything we have planned will affect all of you too, in very good ways.
You answered this perfectly.. I would have been much more INSULTED.

"These websites act as hosts for hundreds of different people, all specialising in a particular area"
Its called a FORUM.

You'r writing on the FORUM rite now.....DUMBASS
Hey now, come on, Creativita had some valid contributions, there's no need to be trollin'. This is a happy forum, lots of smiles all around as DJ has paved the way, through long hours of investment in his project, to make the road to robotics easier. I wouldn't fault anyone for recognizing that and wanting to lend a helping hand in any way they can.

I feel the same way and even if DJ doesn't ask for any help I still think we owe it to him to help in some way. For example: contributing to the forums, supporting the project, and spreading the word. I guess one way I tried to help out was to answer hardware related questions in the forums while DJ was on vacation as I was part of the design team for the EZ-B v3.

In my humble opinion I think that the endless list of suggestions and ideas that DJ has is a great thing. It shows that other people are passionate about this project too, and they want to see it grow. Who knows, if demand keeps up at this rate DJ might even be able to hire help! I can certainly see it going that way in the future. The EZ-Robot project in my mind is definitely solidifying it's place in the robotics industry and the business world in general :).
skater_j10 omg I totally forget to mention you too:) Huge help!

Everyone on this forum is helping. I appreciate creativita comments. If I don't act or engage on a suggestion right away, it doesn't mean I don't acknowledge it as being valid. It takes a bit of time to think about, plan and determine where it applies.:)

I'm happy with the positivity on this forum. I hope it stays that way:D
I agree that your response was well executed. You wrapped it all up. Believe me ; I'm convinced that everyone that has bought and used the EZ-B and software think it's fantastic!!!!!!! The people that have contributed to this forum are just plain good folks. Unfortunately its impossible to keep unpleasant people from commenting on ANY open forum!!!!! The best we can do is ignore them ............completely!!!!! Once they realize there're not getting any responses, they'll most likely go back under the rock they crawled out from!
brw_racing.........................................your comment to our young friend from Australia, was totally and absolutely uncalled for and completely inappropriate!
This is a growing and vibrant group and I'm sure others will concur that your comment was most unwelcome!!

BTW, DJ the fact that you resourced a new and much easier motor contoller with me in mind, DID NOT go unnoticed!!!! I'm looking forward to hearing about it. I'd be more then happy to purchase it from you should you decide to offer it on the website. Thanks again for everything you do.
Thankyou everyone (except brw-racing) for the responses. I much prefer constructive critism and feedback to abuse. The only adults I know who abuse children are:

1. Mentally Disabled
2. Physcopaths
3. Narcissists

Though thirteen doesn't quite fall into the child group it is still not cool to abuse me or anyone else. Nobody likes abuse. Those who have observed it will dislike you as much as I do. You also completely understood what I was saying. The "hundreds of different people, all specialising in a particular area" are graphic designers, engineers, ect. Companies put a task and all the requirements for it, these people will show them what they have done through the website and they will be payed. My mum, a graphic designer, uses two sites that are just like what I described, Design Crowd and 99 Designs. You can see it as taking a companies physical workplace and putting it on the internet, simple as that. Misunderstanding something as simple as that makes you an idiot