wallE built with ioTiny


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I'm not brave enough for "live hacks" yet, but this shows me updating my software, explaining how I built him, trying to remember which ports his servos are connected to (oops) and how I was able to use the stock toy switches with some resistors on 1 ADC line.  I'll have to actually make him do something cute in a future video.

He is not the Ultimate wall.E that most builders get to hack, I accidently got a smaller non-motorized version (which I don't recommend due to size) but I've come to like the little guy.

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I never made it that far into the video on my first watch. Wow it’s real cool. You’re very talented
Nice job Justin! We need HD video next time...this one uploaded 460 max...hard to see the EZ Builder interface.
Agreed Will, when I generate my screen capture in the raw format it is 720p.  Then when I produce it with windows movie maker and cut and splice everything its less quality.  Anyone have advice on free or low cost (and non-fancy) software to improve what I'm doing with videos?  I basically need video production software -JitterBug stylexD   I'm not sure that joke translates world wide - but in the US they sell these "JitterBug" brand phones for older folks
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As Mr. Jefferson would say, Movin ON UP....to 1080p/4K....to that deluxe video, in the SkYYYYYYY.  I think I found some new software.  We will see how my next video turns out and I'll share what I'm using too incase it rocks - or stinks - we will all know:D
Yay good find...looking forward to it!