This Robot I am calling NallyCat


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Hi   I am sure most of you have seen OPEN CAT on the internet as it has been a few years since it was designed, the designer was not sure how he was going to market Open Cat, was he going to make the .stl files available for 3d printing or was he going to have the parts made by injection molding and sell Open Cat as a finished robot or as a kit.  we can see this very thing with our member Will fxrtst, with his Alan android head.  but open cat is now available as Nibble and he used laser cut plywood and it is in a kit form.  check it out if you have interest.  I have been watching with great interest other members of Synthiam, working on quadruped robots, which interested me.  but  the instability problem seemed to be the biggest issue to overcome.  DJ. has the Idea to use a MPU chip. to me that is the way to go,  and Open Cat uses the MPU-6050. with success, Open cat walks.  So to test out how to design a quadruped robot. I found that the stl files for a open cat design using a mpu chip is available on  search for opencat no spaces between open and cat. and you will find a stl files to make a Open cat designed by manic-3d-print which mimics the nibble open cat design and uses the arduino programming from open cat nibble.  I have finished printing this and installed the mini servos and am still waiting for the HuaDuino controller board and DJ helped me with this and how to link EZ-Builder.    it is still a work in progress. see the pictures I supplied

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Looks really good, I’m thinking of building one and enlarging it to take standard size servos.
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Standard servos and a dragon head and tail is what I am thinking.
@Nomad 6R
Thanks For your cat Soundboard The mp3 files should be very usefull
glad you like it.i will be updated the soundboard with more mp3 files as soon my account is reddy.