Published on November 2 2015

The Great Madame Ninndo Project

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The announcer using an older Scary Terry board.

Video 1
November 2 2015
That's funny... I have many vex servos too.... You are right, they really aren't that good....
November 2 2015
LOL! What fun! Thanks for the smile and laugh. This is great!
November 2 2015
Nice job! It must have been fun for everyone!
November 3 2015
Really great job with the whole project, and I enjoyed watching the videos. Very good indeed.:)
November 3 2015
Hi @Dave Schulpius, @bhouston and @Steve G

Thanks,,, I am happy you guys enjoyed it.

Everyone so far loves playing it. We have a large party this weekend where she will really get a workout.

Ron R