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Hello Forum!

I have recently gotten back into the swing of robotics, and as such, I wanted to start with a fresh project.
Beginning with an old project, I have selected to use MTR as the base for this robot, as the tracks are well equipped for this application. I then went to use SolidWorks in order to design a clean, functional body.

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Key Design Cues

I want Raiko to be curvy, clean, and friendly-looking. Inspiration from EVE in "Wall-e" is present and will become more prominent as the design evolves. The head will be the fun part.
I want the head to be completely separate from the robot. IE it will be totally removable, no wires. I do however want there to be LED eyes. To accomplish this, I plan on putting some form of controller in the head, and wireless-ly powering it using a coil in the body, and a coil in the head. What controller and other logistics haven't been determined yet, so feel free to weigh in.

The WowWee MiP is also an inspiration, providing the concept for the eyes, as well as the body styling which will become more prevalent.


This robot should be able to pick up and carry things. Ideally, this would be done by adding two arms. The directions of movement required will be decided soon.

As well, RAIKO should be able to socialize, showing emotion during the conversation, and similar functionality to Alexa/Google Home.


-Ez-b V4
-raspberry pi
-4-6 servos

Hope to add more info later!
Any additional ideas are welcome.

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Looking great! Thanks for the small update, glad to see progress happening.
I'm currently deliberating over the best method of power for Raiko, as Raiko's precursor Dewy used a 7.2V NiMh 5000mAh, and often browned out. That being said, it was a sketchy battery and charger, and the battery may have been damaged by that. 

I have to add that the battery option should have a good shelf life, as I often go months without operating robots. Lipo's in my possession don't make it very long before they puff up, due to the lack of use and recharge. 

My thinking is another larger NiMh battery, or an SLA, but I haven't been well versed in the market for the last year. The goal would be to be able to plug Raiko in to a port on the body, or add in a docking feature. As well, being able to operate Raiko in a low power state while charging would be a goal. 

The battery is powering a mini PC(likely raspberry pi), possibly a touchscreen, as well as the drive train(6V or 12V), 9 servos give or take, LED's, and the Ez-b. A hefty power load, for sure, with an aimed battery life of at least an hour at moderate use. 

I'm open to suggestions.

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Get one of these 6v batteries from a place that sells batteries for alarm systems. I just go to Battery Depot (a place in Calgary) and they have these sitting on a shelf for like $30 or something. Being that they're 6v, works great with everything - including raspberry pi, servos, etc.. And at 12 amps, wow! You get a lot of juice:D

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What kind of run times and power are you getting out of those? Definitely seem promising, though not as easy to find around here.
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Well - run times are determined by the amp-hour rating and your power requirements. If your robot requires 1 amp per hour, this battery will power your robot for 12 hours. It's a 12 amp hour battery:P
I only ask because with robots, as you know, the servos draw a range of current, and you also use a battery’s charge different depending on what the robot is doing. I was curious what the real world application operation time was, even if a rough average.