The Great Madame Ninndo Project

Andy Roid

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robot video thumbnail

The announcer using an older Scary Terry board.

Video 1

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lol - what am i looking at here? are you building a haunted house of some sort?
The Great Madame Ninndo video 1

The Great Madame Ninndo video 2

Hi DJ,

My poor Adventure Bot gave his heart for The Great Madame Ninndo...

My friend converts his main retail barn, workshop and a large greenhouse for a big Halloween party. He holds the adult party the weekend after Halloween so the little kids don't loose their parents.

Every year we try to add something cool. This year The Great Madame Ninndo is the new attraction. It continues to be a ongoing project. We will add more fortunes and maybe better servos to smooth the actions in the future. I will detail more about the build in the next week or so.

I hope my first try at the videos are ok. I will do better in the future with more time available.

Thanks to all the people who helped me with the the scripts.

Ron R
Nice.... You can tell you put a lot of work into this....:)
Hi Richard R

Yeah,, Thank you.
We tried to make it half way decent. I wish I hadn't used the old vex servos we had. They made some movements rough, but it does make it like an old time unit. I hope it made you smile.

I again want to thank you for the sequencer help. You and Rich set me in the right direction, and I finally learned some more about scripts. I have about 20 fortunes loaded in the software and will be adding more when I get a chance. The sequencer works well and I will use the same format in other project scripts.

Ron R
That's funny... I have many vex servos too.... You are right, they really aren't that good....
LOL! What fun! Thanks for the smile and laugh. This is great!
Nice job! It must have been fun for everyone!
United Kingdom
Really great job with the whole project, and I enjoyed watching the videos. Very good indeed.:)
Hi @Dave Schulpius, @bhouston and @Steve G

Thanks,,, I am happy you guys enjoyed it.

Everyone so far loves playing it. We have a large party this weekend where she will really get a workout.

Ron R