Published on October 30 2014

The G-bot (gwen's B9 Robot Project) Gets His First Test Outside Fully Assmebled

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Took the G-Bot outside for the first time with him fully built up... Nerve racking to say the least...

The bad new: He ended up off the driveway in a ditch tipping JUUUUSSSST shy of going over... wheww... The control is a bit unnatural due to the lag and the way the ramping seems to continue for a time after input stops. Add to that my driveway is uneven and mildly inclined plus, my notebook seemed to be working hard. There seemed to be a com delay too.

Note to self: Do not wear flip flops while experimenting with a 300 lb robot and NEVER get the front of one under a tread...

Note to self two: Get a wireless game controller and NEVER let the cord of the current one get under a tread... Very bad...

It was much better when I got him into our street which is level. One of my neighbors drove by and stopped next to him. The G-Bot escorted him down the street for a short bit... very cool.

The good news: He DIDN'T go over and my and my neighbors had some great fun!

I'll be doing some more tweaking and practice runs today. That should be fun and hopefully we'll figure out enough to get a few Trick or Treaters going on Halloween.


More video next week...

December 27 2014
Great Job.. Very nice!..
December 27 2014
Love it Gwen! I'd love to see your creation in the ezrobot Christmas Competition!
December 31 2014
@Aislinn Ok, Here's my video...

December 31 2014
Gwen. This is so cool! Nice work. Did you sent this to the EZ Robot holidays contest link also? If not I'm not sure they will find it if it's posted here only. Good luck!
December 31 2014
Yes I did Dave. Thanks!

If only I had had the time to isolate and grab his authentic defensive electro ray sound...