Published on May 10 2018

Meet Robot Betty9

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Meet Robot Betty9! My sassy 6' tall fembot. She has two servos in each arm, two in her neck, blue LEDs in her eyes, two Arduinos, one EZ-B, and an Echo Dot for her AI.

About two years ago, I got sick of hauling her around on carts and dollies and started to build/buy/improvise a locomotion device. The Segway is my fifth such attempt. First came scratch-built motorized roller skates. Then I hacked a kid’s toy called a “Dareway” that I renamed “the chariot”. It worked pretty good, but still was not what I wanted. Next I bought two pairs of Rocket Skates (motorized roller skates). I am still working on hacking those. Then a “hoverboard” I hacked, that nearly killed me when it started going full speed, flipped over and finally burned out.

Finally, just two weeks back I bought the newest and cheapest Segway, the Segway MiniLite for $300. I can guide Betty around anywhere. The next step is controlling the turning and having the robot move her arms around to go backwards and forwards on her own.
May 11 2018
Wow! That's awesome Thomas! Super smart to utilize the Segway.
I cannot WAIT to see Rocket Skates!
May 12 2018
Can you control that segway with iphone or tablet?
May 18 2018
That is so sweet!:)