Published on September 12 2018

Meccanoid Max Gets Overhauld By Ez Robot

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i found a cheap max robot from meccanoid.and i am going to give him ,
an ez robot costume hehe,lol.the drive base looks very interesting.
here a small video.i started with the gripper.

September 25 2018
here an update max the robot and a cry for help.

here's how max looks like.

User-inserted image

he has wheels with two cable each motor.i try avery config,nothing works,
with the Hbridge.the Hbridge works .

User-inserted image

does any one knows how to fix this.

thank you
September 26 2018
hi dave

indeed belgium beer is good.but i cant have beer.i would love to see him tracking the red ball its amazing what you can learn when things go wrong.and this is made,
with win7 haha:D
September 26 2018
Max looks great @Nomad! Thanks for sharing!
September 26 2018
max say your welkom jeremie.:)
September 27 2018
Max shows your creative side, by experimenting, modifying, and trying new ideas.
Thanks for sharing. Look forward to any updates.
September 27 2018
hi steve S

i am going to try ,following the red sir DJ Sures,:D