Hayden's First Robot Captain America

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My name is Hayden,
I am 9 years old and Hunter's younger brother.
I have wanted to build a robot for a long time.
Grampa had me put most of it together, and we made some scripts to move and sound music.
In the movie with my brother, we used the EZ robot ramp up example to make robot less bouncy.
My robot is Captain America.
Hope you like my robot.
We have cousins Cameron and Nolan with robots and want to have a robot family day.
My parts
1- loTiny EZ Robot controller
1- 1x2 board
2- coffee lids
2- continuous servo motors
2- screws and washers
1- battery holder from kit
1- L bracket to mount speaker
1- can of paint
1-cardboard mask
1-swimming pool noodle
1-plasic empty wire spool
2-printed shields

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August 11 2017
Thank you EZ Robot for providing an opportunity for young individuals
interested in robotics an opportunity to Learn, " BUILD", and share their robot adventures as they learn like Hayden.
I want to work with them while I am still able, because it is important to me.
Hayden has wanted his own robot for some time.
I enjoy all of them involved as we share ideas in the videos.
Eventually we look forward to 2 more younger grandsons and younger foster girl recently adopted now a granddaughter who will be given the same opportunities..
Steve S ;)
August 11 2017
That is an awesome robot @Haydenbot! I love the way you brought Captain American to life! Robot Sam almost has a "IronMan" vibe about him....when the two bots clashed there it was like Civil War for a minute. :)

@SteveS, you have a wonderful family! Your grandchildren are going to learn a lot from you!
Published on Tuesday, August 8, 2017