Happy Holidays

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A Holiday Wish from Antonn.

December 9 2017
Hey Ron, great video! I really liked that Antonn asked Alexa to play a christmas song in the background, nice and funny detail that made me smile.

Happy holidays!
December 9 2017
Thanks, Yes, He likes using Alexa, and he thinks she is kind of cute.

December 9 2017
Andy. This was great! I thoroughly enjoyed this. What a nice Christmas gift for us believers. Thanks for sharing. ;)
December 9 2017
Antonn looks like he cannot wait for Christmas...all properly dressed up, with freshly trimmed beard and eyebrows!

So cute! :D
December 10 2017
Mickey 666, Thanks for the compliment. Antonn was happy to show off his sweater and hat. He is looking forward to Christmas. He hopes Santa will bring him a nice gift, because he has been a good robot all year.

AvatarAndy Roid
Published on Friday, December 8, 2017