VINCENT from The Black Hole


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Here is my Vincent from the black hole.  I'm using the Iotiny.

I have a Raspberry PI to run an ekg video in a LCD screen in the chest but the monitor is bad and im waiting on a replacement.

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Here are some build pictures.

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Here is the electronics.  It runs 12 v with a 5v buck converter for the Iotiny and Raspberry PI.  The Raspberry PI plays a video loop of the ekg on the LCD monitor.
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Oh man, you are my hero! I loved this movie growing up...well I was kinda scared by it when I was younger but still really liked the robots in it.
Thanks!!  Once I get the audio going I'll post another video.
I really loved that movie when I was younger. Maximilian with that spinning blade.
Great job on Vincent. If I tried I think it would end up looking more like B.O.B.
Such a sweet build!!
Did you make the model yourself?
Its looking great!!:)
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Very nice! I love the workmanship. I'm very impressed with the way the face is able to turn fully around. 

I would love to build this little guy. The body looks 3D printed and the finished work is nice an smooth. Is that your print and finish work?
I printed and did the work.  The files, I got from someone else.
Any update on this great bot? I was thinking it would be good to get a brushless motor on the eye rotation so it runs fast like the movie.
Nothing yet, i started to work on my R2 dome lift mechanisms.  

I do need to work on the arms movement and the back decals and lettering.

I will probably never get around to switch out the spin motor.
I enjoyed seeing this and the pics of your construction...and the old movie too.

I wish I had your skills in the workshop.  I have done painted wood, metal, and a lot of 3D printed plastic.
Hey great Nostalgia to see that Vincent! I just barely remember as a kid watching that and there were these Evil Black robots too,can't remember now what they looked like, I will try to find that movie on the web to see what they looked like.:D
Best part was Maximilian with his spinning blades.
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