Ez-b V4 Dalek

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I built a Dalek EZ-Robot tonight. Well, i upgraded my EZ-B v3 hack to the v4 and added a few more servos. One to control the nose plunger thingy on their face up and down. And two other servos for the ray gun plunger and the actual plunger on the center torso. So many plungers!

Here's the mobile app: http://www.ez-robot.com/Community/EZCloud/Download.aspx?id=4017

Commented November 2016
Absolutely awesome....
Dave Schulpius
Commented November 2016
That little monster is soo cool! Nice work. I'm inspired. :)

Such cool music also. Did you go play a game on your Dr. Who pin after you finished it?
DJ Sures
Commented November 2016

Always playing the doctor who pinball :) jer and I had to fix it the other day, couple times.

The plunger that ejects the ball after it has gone through a hole broke off the coil. So I designed a new one in solid works and 3D printed it.

The other thing was a biggy but we got it. After changing the bulbs with leds, it stopped working. Every time the start button was pressed, it said short row 5 or something. Not a clue what that meant. So we checked the manuals. There's a 8x8 matrix for all the sensors. The rows strobe and the columns receive. A driver chip is used on the row to convert 3v from the micro to 11-12 volts on the sensor. One of the outputs of the chip was damaged, so all sensors on that row (start button) didn't work.

Rather than replacing the row, we actually just soldered a transistor to the pins of the chip lol. Because all a driver chip is anyway is a bunch of transistors, one per channel (8 channels).

Neat clean hack without having to order parts. We did it last Friday night at midnight for game night!
Commented November 2016
Dave Schulpius
Commented November 2016
Lol, that's amazing. I would have never thought of doing it those ways. I would have been unsoldering, soldering, boiting, unbolting for hours. I like your method better. If that 3D print job doesn't hold up to the beating let me know and I'll find the right part for you. Heck, I may even have one laying around my shop. I have tons of parts. I could probably build a machine with what I have here. Lol.
AvatarDJ Sures
Published on Friday, November 11, 2016