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3D Print Jd Head


has anyone printed a jd head?my question is ,how do you print the head on the printbed?

thank you

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Looks great @Nomad!  ...does whatever a spider can!:D
he needs to learn some skills hehe.
Cool idea @Nomad, thanks for sharing the design!
User-inserted image

reinforced backpart jd chest

i notest that when printing the backside jd chest it was not very strong.
i am not sure if it comes to my low skills of 3d printing.
anyway i desided to reinforce the back part.as you can see ,
all the yellow is reinforced.also inside where the screws goes in,
is reinforced with a little spacer.the yellow round cirkle is the part,
that easly break off.not with this config.i hope its usefull.
all is free for download.