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hi nallycat

i am using the raft and its better not compleet good but better.
i level the bed wiht no tape.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

okay here are jd's feet.the top will be gold color.
I never use the tape. I’ve never had good experience with tape. Every time I used tape, the part wouldn’t stick and warp.
hi dj

the tape works very good here.but the cura is a bummer.losing serverconnection.printing stops .cura dont open.
way too much settings.
I never use tape years ago I switched to using glass on the print bed and some hairspray.  the printed  parts stick with no warping and release easily when the bed is cool.  I never have to enclose the printer even when using ABS,  my filiament of choice though is PET G. no smell, easy to print, very strong, solvent fused, and can be submerged into boiling water.  won't melt if you leave your robot in your car on a sunny day. try that with PLA.
User-inserted image
hi nallycat

i have the glass reddy .some day i will use it.thats a great tip about the PETG.

thank you