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yes wait till they are reddy.haha if they works i can print a pair for you.
and send them to you.send me a mail with an adres you like to use and phone number .
here's a easy way to make a hip.
ad two cube's  on the bottem jd chest.see pic.

User-inserted image

ad this point it looks  allreddy good.
next print a cube cover.you can download stl on my tinkercad.

User-inserted image

next slide it over the cube's,then put the legs on.

User-inserted image

and here's ez robot DROID.
also the hand are reddy.video comes little later.
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You're really good at this. Looks like you're having a lot of fun also.
hi dave

its very rewarding inventing parts.soon i need a bigger printer.lol:D

Yes Nomad 6R   When I saw the printer you decided to purchase, and after seeing all the parts you make, I knew it would not be long before you have to get a larger printer.   I use a delta printer as it takes up much less room, the bed is 185mm X 185mm 370mm height it is a FlSun large delta and I have used flsun model printers for over fifteen years with no problems, the printers come as parts and you have to assemble it, but this is a good thing as you learn alot on how your printer should work.  the only thing I added was the Printer Program Simplify 3D  Which I think is the best.  Delta printer's are faster because the printer head is the only thing that moves and it is light, regular printers have to move the print surface a large heavy plate that has a lot of inertia and has to stop and start quickly making it not as accurate, and slower.  I use a glass bed and hairspray, the printer has a leveling feature .  User-inserted image
hi nallycat

3d printing is very addicted.lol:Di had this printer in mind.
consider big bed and low prize.

3d printer