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#273   — Edited
thanks for the response

 I am not sure about what you mean, " as you know I don't put much of my work on this site as I am sure you know the reason.
Not here long enough, Not sure what reason, can you explain?

I will watch the video when I get out of the farm , country land I have, I am on a phone hot stop, no internet out here :-)

Anyway I will wait for the 3d printer tutorial list, thanks

@nallycat Super stoked that you printed the head already!! Let me know once you have hooked him up to some servos for testing!!:)
Where can we find more of your work, do you have a website?
@Mickey666Maus    I have added a mouth to ZOE and I am still working on the mechanism to make it work.  Mickey when you make 2 large inmoov robots you become very good at 3d printing and you get fast at printing.  I am not at my best when designing parts but I am getting better.   I don't have a website, I always had the desire to have one but never got around to it.  I should say I admire your presentations of ZOE on synthiam, they are very professional.  Thanks again for the .stl files for ZOE.
Guys, I am really happy you are having fun...its cool to see that things are picking up some pace!!
Isn't it the best thing when robot fever hits you hard!!

That's what I love most about our little DIY Family here!!:)
Hi Nomad, how is the printing going?

I am back at my house with internet, yeah!

tomorrow is printing time xD.head assembly and body.
Hi nomad, can.t wait for my 3d printer to appear, what are you into now?

waiting for parts like a batterie.:( is your printer a building kit?
4 or 5 screws and it is together, I believe

Want me to test your robot, I am back home from our farm, country land?

not at the moment.i am on tinkercad designing a backpack for the yellow robot.
Nomad, how is your printing going?

hi EzAng

almost done.need to level my mini printer first and new nozel.
sure i put my helmet on,lol
i made a chort video how to clean the glas of a 3d printer.
whatever you use to stick the print on the bed.
some ordenary soap from the diches will do.

#288   — Edited
hi all

question,i bouth a batterie from 2200 MaH 35 C 7.4 volts.
can i use the charger from ez robot for this batt?
i forgot the link off the batt.
batt 2200 mah 7.4 volts
i made a lid to cover up your ezbv4  or to protect against dust or any.

User-inserted image

post #288 you can use the ez robot charger to charge the big batterie.
what do you do when your brakets are too long? you can make a block cover.

User-inserted image

and slide that over the bracket.

User-inserted image

and hold it in place with a screw.

User-inserted image

waiting for parts ,duh.
i will call him lewanbot
Aaaaaawwwww ZOE has another brother!! The family keeps growing!! I really like the thought, that ZOE is no longer alone...:)
hey mickey

its good to have a big famely.xD says lewan .