Published on October 2 2018

Drd 3d Printable Robot

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I wanted a robot that was super easy to 3D print and was least number of parts to make. This robot was inspired from the Farscape DRD robots. There's merely 2 components (top and bottom) that need to be printed, which clip together.

Download the app and project, which also contains the 3D printable files from here:

Here's the robot working...

Here's inside the robot
October 23 2018
Before I try some random internet service, I'm going to give it one more try here. Would anyone be willing/able to print the shell and bottom and ship it to me at a reasonable price?
October 23 2018
Hey Zap, the OP of this thread is offering to make shells of this cool little robot:

It's not a 3D print but a molded shell. IMOP molded is a better product between the two. Old school. :D

I've never seen this guy post here before he seems like a talented and honest guy. LOL :P (of course I'm kidding. He's one of the old timers)
October 30 2018
@Zap, I could do either, 3d print a little one or cast one from the mold I have of my big one.
October 30 2018
@jstarne1 How can I contact you about doing the 3D printed one?