Cardboard Wall-e!


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So I thought I'd share my Wall-E so far. Since I haven't got my hands on a toy Wall-E I decided to build my own. The idea is to build him out of plywood later on, but I wanted to make a test version out of cardboard first, and this is how it looks so far:)

Got a few things to wire and so on before he is fully functional, heres a list of the features he's gonna have later on:

- Tracks for movement
- Vertical/horizontal head movement
- Vertical arm movement
- Camera in left eye
- White bright LED as flashlight (for those night missions!:))
- Distance sensor (maybe more than one, depends on if one is enugh to avoid stuff. They will be stationary, thats why I maybe have to use 2, or more)
- Temperature sensor (Why not...?)
- MP3-trigger to do some speaking
- And probably something more I forgot...

He's currently powered by 2x2800mAH 7.2V batterypacks wich I've wired in parallel. I also threw out the wireless camera battery and now powering it through a EZ-B serial port instead.

Since I love coding, I will be writing my own controller software with the C# SDK, and try to implement some AI and stuff.

Here's some pics!

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User-inserted image

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(Night mode!)

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ha - this is such a great robot!! It inspires me to start building robots out of cardboard and tissue boxes again, maybe! Imagine a tissue box with cognitive vision recognition and artificial intelligence? Woo!
I'd animate that wood grandpa robot! Man, i should start looking at animating puppets or something
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*love* I love Cardboard robots and what could be sweeter than a Cardboard Wall-E !!!
I know! Great feeling about animating something as dull and inanimate like a cardboard.
You can make anything with cardboard, Lego and EZ Robot!!!!
Very cool WALL-E!!!!