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Hehe, found this on youtube, I just love him!

Twitching Servo

Heya, Today I played around with my robot, and one of the servos started "twitching", and I mean really twitching. It responds when I change its position, but it wont hold it and starts going crazy instead twitching back and forth. I've tried different ports on the EZ-B so I know it's the servo. Is there anything I can do about it, or is the servo...
Drawing Robot Arm

Drawing Robot Arm

I found this video: Would be fun to build one like that, does anyone have any experience on how to make one? The mechanics doesn't seem to be that hard, more the programming. I do have...

Idea For The Ez-B Forums

When I come on the community I want to see what has happened since my last visit, and the "Recent Posts" section is great for that. But when there are many updates I may be missing some threads that I follow. So here's some ideas: - A recent-posts section in each category of the forum - Some kind of sorting within a category (where you can sort by...

Ez-B Life Length

With a risk of double-posting/missing something in the manual, I wonder what the life length of the EZ-B is? Does it have a specified one? What I'm actually wondering is could you run the EZ-B 24/7 for longer periods without a risk of it breaking? Thanks!

Hello! (A Short Introduction)

Hello everyone! Just thought I'd introduce myself real quick :) My name is Henrik, and I'm from Sweden. I bought my EZ-B back in 2011, but haven't been active here at the forum, so I thought I'd change that! When I'm not playing around with my EZ-B I'm a programmer/systems developer/webdesigner for a small company here in Sweden. I've always been...
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