Marcus the Expressive Android

Steve S

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Marcus the Android with life like expressions and movements modified from a Wow Wee Elvis robot.
The robot gets a complete rebuild, hack, and modifications. His upper lip is modified that raises the entire upper lip when speaking. Other modifications include adding a rotating pedestal base, that can also rock forward. He is controlled with an EZ B V4 Wi Fi controller. 
Marcus has 12 degrees of freedom to make him more expressive.
  I have been some what reluctant to get back into robotics since my stroke 2 years because of my short term memory issues, and now have been diagnosed with Parkinsons.  Enough said about that, but I am enjoying my robots again.
I have missed all the fine people on the forum.
Hope you enjoy the video of Marcus.
Steve S

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Here is something you would like I bet:

Garner Holt Productions, Inc.
is the gateway to realms of incredible imagination, artistry, technical wizardry, experienced industry experts, and unmatched, proven quality. From creating the world’s finest and most lifelike animatronic figures, to design for themed attractions, museums, retail and restaurant locations and more, GHP is the most complete design and production workshop in the world.
Steve, my old friend! It's great to see you back! I often wondered where you went and how you were doing. I'm so very sorry to hear about your health issues. This really sucks and there is nothing good about it. However it's obvious your robot engineering and building skills have not suffered. I'm so glad you decided to keep working on robots. I know how passionate you are about building robots. With your skills it would have been a shame for you to walk away. Please keep it up and continue to share your work. You've built some of the coolest robots I've seen on this forum.  

Your latest Marcus the Android is very well done. I love the movements. The head tilt makes him seem very personable. His smile is warm and real looking. The cat is a scream! You have a way of letting us connect with your robots. Marcus the Android and his little friend are no exception. 

Welcome back!! Be well and get better my friend.
hi steve S

marcus is very cool . also the kitten . good to hear your getting beter .
WOW!  Nice work. Can he dial into my next video conference for me and just say ok, I agree and sounds good every so often. Good to see you back online.
Your 100% correct on your bet, after watching a youtube video of Abe Lincoln by Garner Holt,
that is how I became inspired to get back into robotics. Their work is amazing.
I also saw a video of Will Huff’s bartender robot running on what is now called ARC software.
You have some cool robots, I really like Mr. Metal.
Thank you for responding.

Thank you for your kind words. I am trying to keep busy, model railroading, solar, trail cams, and now back into robotics.
I will post a picture of the solar project.
 I see you are doing a rebuild of a B9, your work is very precise and determined as always.
If I remember correctly, you moved from Michigan to Florida, hope you are all settled in, and enjoying your new place.
User-inserted image

Thank you for responding. I see you are doing cool 3D print projects, that is great.
You always would have new ideas to try, keep it up.

Thank you for your response. So much has advanced with the Forum and ARC.
  Thank you for responding.  Someplace on here I saw you were building a robot, using a Roomba base, with a navigation cam.
Can't wait to see more about it, looks advanced, and very interesting.  I have 2 robots that use the 1st gen Create base, looking forward to your work.
Hey, that solar project looks cool. Very neatly built and lots going on. I'd love to hear more about it. What are you doing with it. 

Only on e correction, I've moved from Wisconsin not Michigan. The only part of Michigan I'd consider living in is upper Michigan. The part that looks like it should be part of Wisconsin. LOL!!! 

Thanks for the kind words about my project. Again, I really like your new robot. From what I understand about marcus is that you rebuilt your Elvis robot into him? What else are you planning for Marcus? Didn't the Elvis robot have a lower torso? Also, about the kitten, is that new also? I don't remember it being in your robot herd.

Marcus recognizing objects.  I found the camera and extension from a black friday purchase years ago, so I removed the case and hid it, somewhat, under his ball cap.

  I am looking at the ARC Pro subscription, wondering if I can install ARC in a different location on my laptop, so I can still keep EZ Builder?
Has anyone done this, or does it have to be one or the other?  Seems like lots of new advancements.

  The solar is used to power my garage fridge and freezer.  It has a Wyze PanCam to view meters, and WiFi to operate the transfer switch and inverter.
The kitten is a FurReal robotic cat, it has a sensor, so it greets me when I go by the robot table, acts like it is watching me, then goes to sleep.
My intent was going to hack it, but I like it as it is.  I received a JOY FOR All companion Cat for Christmas, that is often used for elderly, but is more realistic.
Your comments are appreciated, thank you.
I seem to recall that EZ Builder stopped working unless you upgraded to ARC. Not sure if it's possible to even keep EZ Builder. I think as soon as it's discovered on your system it will be crippled. As long as you don't try to update EZ Builder over the internet or try to connect EZ Builder to Synthiam for what ever reason EZ Builder should keep running as it does now. I'd think as soon as you tried to install ARC your version of EZ Builder would stop working or be replaced. However your projects would still be safe and usable.