Asked February 5 2015

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This thread contains the more recent information about EZ-AI.
For information about EZ-AI visit
And visit the plugin page at plugins/view/123' target='_blank'> plugins/view/123
January 5 2016
Thanks David!

I'll wait for the new version. I have a couple micro-computers I can use for a server, so I'm all set. (I also purchased RoboRealm) :D
January 5 2016
Here is a link to the more recent information about EZ-AI.

I also updated the first post to include this link.
January 23 2016
@ cochranRobotics

I find your work absolutely great. And I would also EZ-AI like to try, but I have some concerns that I am so overwhelmed because my english skills are almost 0, and also from the program I have hardly spoken, but I'm learning every day something.

Before I venture to it, I have 2 questions: can the Speech continues to take place via the ECB (SayEZB)?

The robot can also be understood as before German and answers if I have the appropriate language packs installed on the computer?

Greetings from Germany
January 23 2016
Thank you for the kind words.

To answer your questions...
1. yes, the app passes what it says back to a variable in EZ-Builder, which then is dependent on a script to either use say or ezbsay to say the text.

2. I didn't setup globalization so this version is only english.

I would wait before installing this. I am working on another version of this that runs as a plugin in EZ-Builder and uses a lot more advanced speech recognition and language classification. It also greatly reduces dependencies on heavy database systems.

This version was more to prove that there was a need for this type of product and to prove that it could be done. I am working to make it much more eloquent in the way that it functions.

This thread will explain most of what I am doing.
January 23 2016
Thanks for the answers, okay, then I wait yet and will watch the thread.