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I have so many important things running on the system that I do not wish to loose. This is an option and you are very kind to suggest this. I also have Denise running. She is a purchased agent from Guild3D. I will see what I can do to do this. I am talking about my desktop, but my robot has a windows 8.1 OS W3 10" tablet. I would ultimately put it on the robot. But, right now, I am having speed issues with the robot. I have ALL the ports filled up with sensors and servos and stuff.

I would like for someone to create a Super AI and EQ and put it all on a stand alone firmware that would run itself.

That is probably not far away.

I opted to try to uses as many pre-existing packages as I could so that the development time would be spent adding features instead of rewriting things that already existed. I agree that the ultimate goal would be to have a single package that could be installed with one install and tried to make that happen but the free software such as the databases don't allow that. Really, if the chatbot were skipped, the install isnt too difficult. The chatbot adds a lot to EZ-AI though and allows you to do a lot of customizations for your particular robots personality. EZ-AI is only a few months old and has a lot of room to be improved for sure, the biggest of these is the install. It is something that I have struggled with since starting to write this. The good news is that once you complete the install (with the exception of the version) the updates going forward are able to be done with simple installs.

Having databases to store things (which is the real power behind an AI) makes deployments more difficult. There are options for non-free databases which would allow silent installs, but the goal was to make EZ-AI as low cost as possible without sacrificing functionality. Deployments require scripts to be run on the databases to add new databases, tables and stored procedures. This can be scripted but because the database can be on any machine on your network, the scripts would have to be made at the time they were executed. This adds a completely different level of complexity but something that could definitely be done.

I wish I didn't have to work so that I could focus solely on EZ-AI, but unfortunately I haven't won the lottery yet. Seeing as how I don't play the lottery, the odds of winning become very low and I doubt that this will change anytime soon.

The offer always stands for the install to be done by me. Some have performed the install without my help. These have mainly been people who are in the same field of work as I am and have a good understanding of what is happening with EZ-AI. For those who are uncomfortable doing this, let me know and I will be happy to do the install for you.
The "Run WinDows Services as Custom User" under MySQL Installer 5.6.25
reject my regular laptop authentication admin username / password.

message say: The user doesn't have the minimum rights required to start the service.

Any idea how to fix this issue?
You dont need to do that. you can run as a service account. Its no problem to let it run as such.
When I run setup database from EZ-AI, robot database does not populate as expected

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

What should I check?

Tanks for your support
Do you have Team Viewer installed? If so, I can connect and get you beyond the issue pretty quickly.
Ok I have install team viewer, how do we proceed?
send me an email with your user id and password for Team Viewer. My email is in my profile on this site.
Have you receive my Email?
What time will be convenient to connect?
I haven't gotten an email in the last hour or so on that account. I wonder if it is having issues.

David, is there an "ideal" system to set everything up on? I'm planning on having a stand-alone install (in my B9 robot).

Would an Acer Iconia W3 (running Windows 8.1, Intel Atom Z2760 @1.8 Ghz, 2GB RAM, 64GB microcard storage) have enough oomph?

My next choice would be an ASUS X200CA notebook (WIn 8.1, Celeron Core 2 @ 1.5 GHZ, 4GB RAM, 250 GB storage).

After that, it's haul out the *big* laptop.:)

The processing is done at the server now for EZ-AI. It is a separate device that is network attached. Don't let the word server scare you off. It is a small single board computer. Currently I am using a Beaglebone Black for this in my house without any issues. The client is a plugin in ARC that is very light weight.

I am going through a rewrite of EZ-AI right now which makes it not only much easier to use, but much better at understanding dictated text. It uses some external services now that cost money to use but provide a much better experience due to their ability to understand and categorize dictated text much better than what Windows has to offer, even in Windows 10. Windows 10 makes things better but it is still a long way behind what is possible with these other services.

My hope is to have the plugin out shortly. There are some other things that will need to be completed prior to making this publicly available like billing and other business type things, but it is still in the works.

The install of the old version was not fun at all and I found that everyone's computer that it was installed on required some sort of special process which was different from everyone else's computer. The server and plugin option is much better for you and also for us.
Thanks David!

I'll wait for the new version. I have a couple micro-computers I can use for a server, so I'm all set. (I also purchased RoboRealm) :D
@ cochranRobotics

I find your work absolutely great. And I would also EZ-AI like to try, but I have some concerns that I am so overwhelmed because my english skills are almost 0, and also from the program I have hardly spoken, but I'm learning every day something.

Before I venture to it, I have 2 questions: can the Speech continues to take place via the ECB (SayEZB)?

The robot can also be understood as before German and answers if I have the appropriate language packs installed on the computer?

Greetings from Germany
Thank you for the kind words.

To answer your questions...
1. yes, the app passes what it says back to a variable in ARC, which then is dependent on a script to either use say or ezbsay to say the text.

2. I didn't setup globalization so this version is only english.

I would wait before installing this. I am working on another version of this that runs as a plugin in ARC and uses a lot more advanced speech recognition and language classification. It also greatly reduces dependencies on heavy database systems.

This version was more to prove that there was a need for this type of product and to prove that it could be done. I am working to make it much more eloquent in the way that it functions.

This thread will explain most of what I am doing. http://www.ez-robot.com/Community/Forum/Thread?threadId=8342
Thanks for the answers, okay, then I wait yet and will watch the thread.