Asked January 26 2015

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Does EZ-Face work with the V4 camera? For some reason I cant get it to be recognised in the EZ-Face software. I am running version 3.7.14. I can get it to work with the camera that is in my laptop.

January 26 2015
It looks like EZ-Face is using devices in the Imaging Devices section of the devices in the OS. The V4 camera doesn't show up there, so I doubt it will work. I will just have to come up with a different way to do facial recognition or put a different camera in the project along with the V4 for this project.
February 18 2015

This is like a bit of a treasure hunt. Find one clue (EZ-Face) then loose the path by discovering the v4 camera issue.

I would suggest adding a note to your web page with the software making it clear the latest software/hardware version does not work. I was pretty jazzed about this, but cannot use my babycam (IP based) or my JD. I may just put up a local camera, but will be waiting for an update either from you to access V4 and/or IP cameras, or from @Djshures to let windows see the V4 cameras.

Great work.

Bob O
February 18 2015
The issue is that it is an IP camera. I know that Justin is working on getting EZ-Face setup to work with IP cameras. Its not an issue with the V4 camera itself. The same issue would occur with any IP based camera.
DJ Sures
February 19 2015
@Iamachine You will find the link to the third party software package from our Software page. On that page is a disclaimer that it is a third party software package and not supported by EZ-Robot. For your convenience, I circled the disclaimer and here is a screenshot:

User-inserted image

As mentioned by others, Justin is working on an update and it will be released when it's done:). In the meantime, use the camera on your laptop for experimenting with it.
February 19 2015
@lamachine I'll add a note on "my" site about the v4 IP camera issue.
February 19 2015
Thanks @JustinRatliff

@DJ_Sures I had hoped my note sounded hopeful rather than demanding. For the low price paid, the hardware and basic functionality you already provided is more than satisfactory. This community forum is like a brilliant club, and I have thrown a couple question out and gotten very quick and usually satisfactory answers.

The disclaimer was quite clear. :D