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Can I Use Httppost Or Other Triggers For Octoblu? (Newb Question)

I am doing some playing on a machine-to-machine called Octoblu. One basic event trigger is HTTPPost to a specific URL. Can I use this command? If I cannot, is anyone else using Octoblu? If so, please contact me to exchange info. Fair warning, I am NOT a programmer, I am a hardware engineer, so even the most obvious answers to you may be great...

Ez Users In Silicon Valley?

Anyone local to San Jose Tech Shop or Home Brew Robotics Club? I asked around the meeting the other day, and was shocked to find no one else who had leaped on the EZRobot bandwagon after the awesome demo last month by DJ Sures. Bob O

Newb Question, Can I Edit Poses By Typing?

I am trying to edit poses, and only appear to be able to click and drag to change values for each servo. I want to just click and type values, but that has not worked. Export and import gives me a work-around, but the rest of Builder is so user friendly I am hoping I am just missing something. I go into auto position, click settings, then select or...

Need Warning In Tutorial About Running On Ac Through Charger

The tutorials need to highlight NOT running on the charger. Apparently it can damage your batteries?! If this is correct, you should make it very clear. I understood the importance of not discharging the batteries too far. It seemed obvious to me to just do my work with it plugged into the charger, but several of the threads indicate that it could...
Newb Questions, Servos And Profiles

Newb Questions, Servos And Profiles

For good or bad, these questions appear in similar posts, but I have not resolved them. 1. Default standing positions and several moves appear to have...
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