Asked February 26 2013

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has anyone have this happen , after shutting down the power to ezb board .then power up again . when seems good i give command to look home .and servos move fast in wrong way then come back slowly to home position . then everything is ok as long i dont unplug battery pack.
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February 27 2013
i was setting speeds first like at(10) .then run position to were i need it .so ineed to set all my servos to servospeed (d0,0) in script init. i see you the # simbol not sure what that does *confused* @dj
February 28 2013
@DJ, thanks for the explanation. It's indeed makes sense now... I think that beacause everything goes smoothly with servos in EZ-Builder, I forgot that it does not know the position of the servos at start-up.

@csa459, the # symbol is inserted before a part of the code you don't want to be executed by the script. It is used to give non-executed informations.


# This lign of code is not executed, but the next one is
This lign is executed
February 28 2013
oh ok @fredec
is all my servospeed need 0 to start with ?in the code
February 28 2013
Yes, use the same script that the one proposed by @DJ as an init. script: set first all the servos speed to "0", and then move the servos to the desire position.
After that, you are free to set new slower servos speed for all the other scripts you want to use.
February 28 2013
i got it fix try that its working now,in my disconnect i was moving to a poistion on servo ,but all good now ..:D @fredebec thanks cory