Asked November 11 2011

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FYI - I found aluminum servo actuated claws at Sparkfun for 10 bucks. They are good looking and a nice size. Will be going on my omnibot very soon.
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February 27 2012
PLEASE get those Arms and new claws in!!!!
I'm very interested!

Very cool!
Do you have any specs or pics?
February 27 2012

Whats up with the additional breakoutboard? why not servo direct to EZ-B? Or is that part of the EZB-V3 prototype?


February 27 2012
Yeah it does seem a little weird doesn't it:) I believe that was the first prototype of the EZ-B v3 and I was testing the arduino shield compatibility at the same time as I was having fun with the claw. It was just a simple pass through test for the digital and analog pins.

By the way sorry to those viewing the video on a mobile phone, for some reason the youtube text doesn't appear on a phone so it makes the video a little less informative.
February 27 2012
If there is a EZ con we should vote on top bots and show them there...... Actually having "vote offs" for creativity , most functions blah blah blah in different classes would be fun and inspire all of us to push to get more out of our robots:)
February 28 2012
@jstarne1 - you're just saying that 'cause you has all da best stuff in your bot lol.;)