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Just a quick picture (so not much to see) of my new inMoov utilizing the ioTiny in his arm(s).... More later... @DJ hopefully you'll keep the online store open and continue to innovate. Me needs 12 more iotinys, a few more comm 2 boards, the neopixel blaster(s) and 6 of the 64 led RGB display... That's just for starters... :)

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Richard R
Commented December 2016
@cem Thanks.... have you tried ASA? All the benefits of ABS but without the major pitfalls.... ASA prints absolutely beautiful (visually the nicest printing filament I have ever used) with nearly zero warping and great layer adhesion. And as an added bonus it can be acetone welded just like ABS... I use PETG sometimes and while it's definitely strong it doesn't seem print detail very well...

@Steve S thanks!
Steve G
Commented December 2016
Hi Richard.

Hope all is well with you buddy. I see you're at it again with another Inmoov build. How many is that now? ;)

You have a real tallent for making/putting these things together and is great to see you using the new EZ-Robot gear. You have utilised the ioTiny well in the arm, and sounds like you have a lot planned for this build.

Keep up the great work, and I look forward to seeing your progress with this latest build. :)
Richard R
Commented December 2016
@SteveG.... Well look who's back from the land of the dead.... :) Are you just visiting or back to build some bots again? We need some fresh builds here as lately it's been kind of quiet (new projects wise that is)....
Steve G
Commented December 2016
Lol, I'm feeling a little like the living dead right now. I'm just visiting for now. Looking to move house in the next few weeks so everything is packed up and not much time for anything else just yet.

Early next year I have a full car restoration planned, but there are plans for a large robot build in the not to distant future along side the resto. Got a few plans on paper, but once I've settled down the building will begin. :)

Yeah, not many showcases to look at recently, but will be following your latest build for insperation.
Commented December 2016
tried ASA, but will look into that, especially if you can acetone welded just like ABS. that's a big plus for me!

Interesting you say about PET-G doesn't seem print detail very well, as at first I had this, played around with the printer & travel speeds and thought I cracked it, but the last couple of prints, haven't been that good.

I will definitely try ASA.

Avatarby Richard R
Published Friday, December 9, 2016