Asked February 10 2016

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Many robots are built with installed tablets. Often the tablet is in a head. I was wondering if anyone has seen or could build a face that could be displayed on the screen. I have seen this idea around.

It consists of the basic face features eye brows, eyes and a mouth only. These features are able to move to show expression. Has anyone seen this feature or messed with one? Is it possible to build?

Ron R

The idea is like ROMO. I want only the face which could be run by an EZB.

DJ possible?
February 27 2016
oeps wrong topic sorry
February 27 2016
andy was it you looking for eva'a eyes to use?
February 27 2016
here's are eva's eyes animated and how to do it.

eva's eyes
February 27 2016
Yes this is what I want ,,, and a how to do also.. Thanks Patrick !
February 27 2016
goodluck.thumbs up.