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Hi guys,

I am currently trying to use a sabertooth 2x32 but am unable to get it to work and think it might be related the the DIP switches?

just for background:
-I have updated to the latest ez-builder
-the signal and ground of D0 are connected to s1 and ground of the sabertooth
-i have tried using both the sabertooth movement panel and custom movement panel using serial commands and have read how the interval 0-255 affects the motor coding.
-I have tried many combinations of DIP switches but I either get the motors spinning out of control (without command from the movement panel) or no movement at all

I am sure that it is something simple and figured someone has come across this in the past

Thank you for any input possible! :)
Commented November 2015
Just a curious question what determines the braud rate I was looking at the data sheet and it said nothing about that braud rate that I could find it was a quick glance if memory serves me right Richard R and BHouston have the same board and I believe Richard R is set to 38400 I'm just curious what determines that thanks
Commented November 2015
I don't know what determines to Baud Rate but I was having trouble with a motor not starting when it should and not shutting off when it should. It was totally random and effected both motors. It was suggested by Richard to change the Baud rate from 38400 to 9600 and it fixed things up.
I don't know if this is a coincidence or not but I had been running the EZB that controls the motors in AP mode and it seemed like my problems started when I started running the EZB in Client Mode.
Commented November 2015
@BHouston, thanks for the edit** explanation, I am going to change mine to 9600 too, because mine seems to do that every once in a while too. Again thanks for the explanation .

@robot56, didn't mean to hijack your thread, is there a way you can get more lighting on your video your R2-D2? is very cool thanks
Richard R
Commented November 2015
For the 2 x 12 (and most likely other sabertooths) the dip switches on the sabertooth control the baud rate... 1,3 and 6 up (on) sets the sabertooth for simplfied serial at 38400 baud... 1,3,5 and 6 on is simplified serial at 9600baud...
Commented November 2015
@merne no worries at all we are all here to help one another :)

I do not have a video of my astromech moving around in the daylight yet (hopefully tomorrow) but my build thread is on here with tons of pictures!

Link: R7 Astromech

also you can see it randomly in a video from a club event a couple months ago

Asked on Sunday, November 8, 2015