Asked January 26 2016

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Hey guys,
I just put together my first robot using Lego Technic and some Tower Pro 9g Micro servos... This worked perfect as a trial and error solution because the servos are exactly fitting into the Lego parts and the material is light enough to be driven by those weak servos!

It is kind of a wobbly assembly but it is good for testing and quit forgiving when it comes to parts bumping together head-on!:D

Sooooo my question is... I experience very jerky movement at some points in my animation.
Most transitions are smooth but every now and then there is erratic movement, which seems to disappear if I notch up the power send to the EZ-B from 7.4Volts to about 9Volts!

Is this a proper solution or will this damage the board?
I am also using a very small and cheap 1.5A Power Supply, should I switch to a bigger one so the servos are being supported better?

Let me know so I don't damage my board!;)
AI Support Bot
AI Support Bot
February 1 2016
OK it!

If anyone is interested, there is this website converting twitter feeds to RSS...;)
February 2 2016

Talking about the magical blue smoke!

RIP, my first robot just died! May his servos rest in peace!

I got that power supply today and hooked up to my EZ-B, I ordered the right one...also on the invoice it said it is the one I ordered and being so eager to test it on my robot I wanted to get it to work!

Well it only worked one time....they send me a 15Volts by mistake!
This will teach me a lesson I guess!

Good I had these cheap test servos hooked up....10 servos down in one go!

Guess I will call it a day, get them to send me the right power supply and order new servos....I'll fix me a drink guys, to all those dead servos! *stress*
February 2 2016
Ouch.... Glad they were cheap servos. I think most of us have seen the blue smoke a few times. Usually when overly tired or excited to try something new. Lesson here is to check power supplies (and step down regulators) with a voltage meter before connecting everything.

February 2 2016
Yep, I will validate Alan's statement; Always check your voltage level (or lack of it) before you work on or operate your device.
February 3 2016
Thanks for your condolences guys....just ordered new servos, and yes it's my own fault I should have!

Guess I needed to learn this the hard way, well the EZ-B is alive and kicking so it's not as bad as it could have been!

Will sent that power supply back and try to to resurrect my poor dear K8!:)