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Resolved Resolved by Steve G!

Powering The Ez-B V4

Hey guys,
I just put together my first robot using Lego Technic and some Tower Pro 9g Micro Servos... This worked perfect as a trial and error solution because the servos are exactly fitting into the Lego parts and the material is light enough to be driven by those weak servos!

It is kind of a wobbly assembly but it is good for testing and quit forgiving when it comes to parts bumping together head-on!:D

Sooooo my question is... I experience very jerky movement at some points in my animation.
Most transitions are smooth but every now and then there is erratic movement, which seems to disappear if I notch up the power send to the EZ-B from 7.4Volts to about 9Volts!

Is this a proper solution or will this damage the board?
I am also using a very small and cheap 1.5A Power Supply, should I switch to a bigger one so the servos are being supported better?

Let me know so I don't damage my board!;)


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How could I forget Marvin... *stress*

Don't blame you," said Marvin and counted five hundred and ninety-seven thousand million sheep before falling asleep again a second later.
Hey guys, I am just trying to figure out something here and I thought I'll just put it up here before starting a new topic...correct me if this is getting too messy and I should just open a new discussion!

I just got me IFTTT to get my robot interact better with me and its enviroment, I was thinking to trigger events with FitBit data or just get the robot to know it's me who entered the flat....also it could warn me to take an umbrella in case it is raining!:D

So just for testing purposes I wanted to set up a DO button which triggers a Maker Channel event....in this case just moving one servo a a testing scenario!

So I put,90)

to the URL field, chose GET as a method and left the other fields blank!

Am I doing this right or do I need to add this secret number, I connected to the maker channel but did not receive the number....any clues?
You'll need your public IP address, and have your router port forward from your public to private address to the port running your EZ-B web server (80 by default) amd of course you'll need the web service active in your project.

I believe the maker channel key is only needed when you want to have your EZ-B (or other device) us the Maker Channel as the "This" not the "that" in your recipe (I haven't tried it yet. On my todo list).

So if I use something like http://www.whatsmyip.org/ this would be my public IP adresss I guess....how would I find out my private ip?

So I will have to port forward public ---> private ---> port 80
Your private ip is the ip of the computer running ARC. Open a command promp and type ipconfig to find it.

You should probably set your router to always give you the same ip address (you could do the same for the EZ-B itself so you don't need to search for it every time you turn it on)

OK, lets see if I can get this done....but I guess I should!
I guess a fixed ip for the router necessary otherwise I would have to redo the whole thing daily right? How would I get to have my EZ-B set to a fixed ip address?
You would do this by assigning a static DHCP lease to the mac address of the EZ-B or any other device that needed a consistent IP in your router.
I am on it guys...thanks for the info, it's a bit messy so I hope I will not get too confused!:D
If you get stuck, post the make and model of your router and I'll find an online manual and provide more detailed instructions. I have been throwing out quick answers to guide you in the right direction because I have a lot to get done today, but I could sit down this evening and give more detailed instructions if you can't make it work.

SORRRRYYYY.....It works, I forgot that I had to put the public ip into the code of the DO button!

Thanks for your help! Now I can tweak my IFTTT stuff and make the robot correspond!

Thanks Alan, this has been great help! I saw you being involved in some questions about IFTTT in other discussions here on the forum, but those did not cover getting it connected to the EZ-Bs web server....

Thanks you so much for responding so quickly although you are having stuff to do, I really appreciate it!
Cool! Be aware that your public IP will probably change if your router reboots. You can sign up for a service like http://dyn.com/dns/ that gives your ip address a name (and you run a client on the pc that keepz the service up to date). Dyndns used to free but is now $40/year. There may still be free services. I use zoneedit, but I have my own domain, and it is not as simple to set up and manage. I think new accounts are also not free anymore.

Thanks for the info Alan!:)

I heard about dyn.com while researching on the topic....I do have a domain, so if there would be a workaround to skip yet another subscription I would be grateful!

I will try to check if there is a free service available!
I thought if I'd fix my laptop with a static ip this would be good enough, but good to know there might be another thing to take care of!

Hope you'll get your stuff done...the EZ robot is so good for procrastination, it keeps me from doing my tax paperwork like a charm!:D
Hey guys, one more thing....do I even have to try to get the SpeakTwitter script command to work, or should I just find something else?

I read in an old discussion that the discontinued their RSS feed requests and there is no workaround yet. Should I try to get it working or just find me some RSS feeds to play?;)

Talking about the magical blue smoke!

RIP, my first robot just died! May his servos rest in peace!

I got that power supply today and hooked up to my EZ-B, I ordered the right one...also on the invoice it said it is the one I ordered and being so eager to test it on my robot I wanted to get it to work!

Well it only worked one time....they send me a 15Volts by mistake!
This will teach me a lesson I guess!

Good I had these cheap test servos hooked up....10 servos down in one go!

Guess I will call it a day, get them to send me the right power supply and order new servos....I'll fix me a drink guys, to all those dead servos! *stress*
Ouch.... Glad they were cheap servos. I think most of us have seen the blue smoke a few times. Usually when overly tired or excited to try something new. Lesson here is to check power supplies (and step down regulators) with a voltage meter before connecting everything.

Yep, I will validate Alan's statement; Always check your voltage level (or lack of it) before you work on or operate your device.
Thanks for your condolences guys....just ordered new servos, and yes it's my own fault I should have!

Guess I needed to learn this the hard way, well the EZ-B is alive and kicking so it's not as bad as it could have been!

Will sent that power supply back and try to to resurrect my poor dear K8!:)