Asked April 1 2017

Community Question

This is a 2 part question on Revolution Six.

1. Has anyone added servos to Six to give it 18 dof?
2. Has anyone added code for inverse kinematics to improve the gait?
DJ Sures
April 3 2017
Robots are first:)

I ment patience regarding the promo on the servos. Robot Program video coming soon
April 3 2017
Got it! And you are right robots first!
April 7 2017
Really cool.
April 21 2017
I just couldn't wait and bought HDD servos for my JD and just have to say the results were fantastic! No more buzzing or humming Jd burnt our protection is a great feature.

@DJ... Excellent work

April 21 2017
Just bought 3 hdd servos for one of my Alan's will test this weekend.