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Inverse Kinematic

This is a 2 part question on Revolution Six.

  1. Has anyone added servos to Six to give it 18 dof?
  2. Has anyone added code for inverse kinematics to improve the gait?


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I don't think anyone's posted any project with more servos on six. I would imagine it would make it a high centre of gravity.


Thanks for the link. The question was tagged as c++ because I thought I might need to write some code. I'm still thinking arduino where I supplied the x y z coordinates and calculated the servo angle. It looks like ARC is much easier if I can get my brain around it and transition from arduino.


Oh! I fully understand. Fully!

ARC is a whole new way of thinking for those who come from the Arduino world. ARC provides controls, and each control is a behavior, similar to how the ROS (Robot Operating System) works, but with pretty graphics instead of complicated programming, compilers, cryptic errors and linux shiver. If you WANT to program c++ or C#, you can make your own controls in ARC, which are called plugins. And you can also write EZ-Script or Blockly to build off the extensibility of the ARC controls.

Find more information in the activities guide, which introduces ARC, controls, scripting, movement panel, and of course ControlCommand.


Since I had 12 servos with SIX I decided to try a quad with 12DOF, 3 on each leg. I put together the gait with ARC and it all worked will. The 3 servos on the leg seem to have too mucxh preasure as they were humming. So I will go back to the original SIX configuration.

If anyone wants to experiment I uploaded it to EZ-Cloud as Quadruped 12DOF. I've only had Six for 2 weeks and this was my first attempt at building with the Auto Position control so don't judge.:)

It was a great learning experience.


This upcoming week ez-robot is offering a limited time upgrade to the latest HDD servos for existing revolution robot owners. If you want to run additional servos, i would highly recommend upgrading to the HDD, as they don't make any noise (no humming) and can't burn out due to internal protection circuits.


These new servos will be awesome... I am planning on buying a couple of developer's kits and some extra servos with my next ez robot order....:)


DJ, is there a link to that upgrade offer? I don't see it in the store, and if you posted in the forum already, I missed it (or is this something upcoming that isn't posted yet?)



When will the robots ship with the new servos, specifically JD?


@jmp all robots ship with HDD's for the last 2 weeks. All servos (not micros) are HDD. EZ-Robot will no longer ship HD servos. EZ-Robot only ships HDD servos.

You can look at any product to read the specifications of HDD servos.

@techguru it is not "This upcoming week" yet:) I'll post a thread


Would that Upgrade offer apply even if I bought my Revolution Six through Brookstone?



@techguru it is not "This upcoming week" yet Smile I'll post a thread

Thanks, wasn't sure if I missed something or was just mis-reading.



Yeah I'm a bit confused. Am I to understand the revolution robots and the development kids contain the Hdd servos right now, and the single servos will be available soon?


@Will The HDD servos are also available now in the store... All kits contain them as well...


Huh...I would have thought more fan fair on its release. Oh well, time for some more development kits!


Ok now I am confused... lol what happened.... with gotta stop working 100 hrs a week on these films..whose on first ?!?


Robots are first:)

I ment patience regarding the promo on the servos. Robot Program video coming soon


Got it! And you are right robots first!


I just couldn't wait and bought HDD servos for my JD and just have to say the results were fantastic! No more buzzing or humming Jd burnt our protection is a great feature.

@DJ... Excellent work



Just bought 3 hdd servos for one of my Alan's will test this weekend.