Asked October 9 2014

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Dev Kit unboxing

JD unboxing

Six unboxing
October 9 2014
Six unboxing added. JD video is also loading right now. I had to do more conversion on it.
October 9 2014
All videos have been placed.
October 10 2014
@d.cochran... Great videos Dave.... I wonder who at EZ Robot designed the servo brackets? They are compact and elegant.... I have been using Lynxmotion ses stuff for years, but ez robot's brackets in IMHO are a way better design especially for making smaller robots....
October 10 2014
@d.cochran Great videos, thanks for sharing.

@Richard R As always you are correct about the brackets, I think dj had an idea what he wanted and his designer made it happen.

October 10 2014
@d.cochran - it's great to hear that you like the layers! A lot of time went into designing those layers. I wanted to make sure our boxes were as compact as possible. :)

@Richard R Cory is responsible for all of our CAD designs! He has fine-tuned every single piece of plastic. :D As someone who had to inventory the plastic pieces a few times, I can tell you there are an INSANE amount of plastic pieces that Cory designed.