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AWESOME @d.cochran! Can't wait to see the others! ;)


congrats david

i know a teather and class will be very happy for long time.:D


@d.cochran.... Don't forget to calibrate your servos....:P


:) I spent last night checking to make sure that each servo was working, each sensor worked, every part was accounted for, the EZ-B's produced sound and connected to my network without an issue. I also set all of the servos to 90 so that I could see what physical calibration was needed. I found one gripper and one servo that will need physical calibration. I also checked all of the cameras to make sure they were working as expected.

I am very pleased with this delivery. There were a couple of small issues but they have been addressed. I also provided feedback to EZ-Robot to try to help them going forward. Nothing at all major, but as they dont get these shipments yet, they are relying on us to provide information.

Anyway, the others have been recorded and are uploading. That just takes time, even with a 100 MB connection to the internet.

United Kingdom

It may just be a UK thing but "Pardon me I dropped one" means something else too... I couldn't help but laugh (sorry, I find toilet humour funny)

Great to see an unboxing of the dev kit:)


Totally unscripted as you will continue to see. I laugh at myself a lot normally. I dont know if it is a sign that I am going crazy or just try to see the humor in things.


Thanks for the unboxing video @d.cochran and the kudos were much appreciated too!


Six unboxing added. JD video is also loading right now. I had to do more conversion on it.


@d.cochran... Great videos Dave.... I wonder who at EZ Robot designed the servo brackets? They are compact and elegant.... I have been using Lynxmotion ses stuff for years, but ez robot's brackets in IMHO are a way better design especially for making smaller robots....


@d.cochran Great videos, thanks for sharing.

@Richard R As always you are correct about the brackets, I think dj had an idea what he wanted and his designer made it happen.



@d.cochran - it's great to hear that you like the layers! A lot of time went into designing those layers. I wanted to make sure our boxes were as compact as possible. :)

@Richard R Cory is responsible for all of our CAD designs! He has fine-tuned every single piece of plastic. :D As someone who had to inventory the plastic pieces a few times, I can tell you there are an INSANE amount of plastic pieces that Cory designed.