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Hi everyone.

I was playing around with a joypad I have (not the one in the picture) with EZ-Builder, and was trying to configure some buttons to control servos and 2 drive motors running of an L298 H-bridge. I managed to do some test control scripts for the numbered buttons, but ran in to a little trouble with the direction pads. *confused*

A managed to get the two drive motors going forwards and reverse with no problems (2 motors connected to L298 for combined speed control), but I have a HD servo that controls the steering and I couldn't find a way to configure the left/right direction pads to control the servo.

Could one of you kind souls out there advise me on how to do this, (if indeed it is possable as that part of the config screen looks greyed out and seems unchangable), and also, what control pads are fully compatable with EZ-Builder? If I can get the drive/steering set up mentioned above working okay, I will get another joypad with more buttons and controls (like the one pictured above) to control the numerous servos I have installed in my bot.

As always, any help and advice would be great fully received.

Steve. :)
DJ Sures
Commented October 2014
You will need to have the Joystick selected before you can press the buttons to see the highlighted rows for each button.

1) Load EZ-builder

2) Project -> Add Control from top menu

3) Select Misc Tab

4) Add Joystick

5) Select your joystick from the drop down in the Joystick Control

6) Press the GEAR on the Joystick control

7) Select the tab BUTTONS within the config window for the joystick control

8) you will see a blue ? button that you can put your cursor over. There is where you add the code for each button. You can press the button on the joystick to see which row highlights
Steve G
Commented October 2014

again for the reply. I have selected the joypad as you mentioned, and have the numbered buttons (1 to 6) configured and working with servos, as well as the D Pad controlling the forward and reverse controls, but never managed to get the trigger buttons or acceleration stepper button working and have never seen them highlighted, but I will try what you suggested in step 8 of you post later today.


I have tested the control with a game and all the buttons work (with the exception of the acceleration Stepper button. The 4 LED's light up but it didn't seem to do anything) and have checked to see if it is properly connected, which I have confirmed that it is. So unless I can get what DJ mentioned above working, then as you say, it could be a comparability issue. *stress*
Steve G
Commented October 2014
A quick update.

I had unexpectedly been in hospital for a few days and got home a couple of days ago, so I have been unable to give any updates until now.

Anyway, I spent yesterday writing a few scripts and also tried the joypad out again. In regards to the trigger button issue I had, I started a new project and did everything else exactly how I did it before (I assure you) to set the control pad up, with one exception, I downloaded the EZ-Builder 2014.10.18.00 release that was available. Hey presto, the trigger buttons now highlight in the "buttons" list and can be used. So whatever was causing the glitch has corrected itself. :)


Thanks again for the code and instructions you supplied in your post. I now have everything working the way I like now, and your help, as well as Richard and DJ, is appreciated. :D

I am going to purchase another control as I need more buttons to cover all the other servos I have installed on my bot, so I would love to know what anyone would recommend that would be compatable with EZ-Builder (Preferably a wireless controller).


(Ps. Apologies if my tone in post #7 seemed a little off. I was not having a great day, hence the trip to the hospital soon after. I like to problem solve things myself, and if I do get stuck I will always look through the forums and help sections first as well as tutorials, before I ever ask for help here. But it's nice to know you guys are around and willing to help the way you do which is great. All this is still quite new to me, but thanks to you guys, I am learning all the time. Great product, great site, and great community. Thanks. ;) )
Commented May 2015
hi any one that have a moga pro controller working in ez-builder ?
DJ Sures
Commented May 2015
If it is made to be used on a PC, then it will work. Without a link to your joystick, it's impossible to answer :)
AvatarSteve G
Asked on Monday, October 13, 2014