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Has anyone else discovered the video overlays in the camera control? I just discovered this and I haven't seen a topic on it so I thought I would post.... While the camera is on, right click on the video image and you can embed a text overlay on the video image itself... Sort of like a HUD... I have in one of my projects a ping distance sensor displayed on the video image...
Commented August 2014
I guess something like this would also work...


"Ping: " + GetPing(D7,D8) + "Date: "+ $Date + "Time: " + $Time

Richard R
Commented August 2014
@Rich... I just tried your code... works perfectly as an overlay....
Commented September 2014
Thanks guys
Commented March 2015
just refreshing a nice find
AvatarRichard R
Asked on Thursday, August 28, 2014