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Is there an option for a joystick style button on the mobile interface. I know I can put directional buttons but I just think having a joystick control would be awesome. Any thoughts or suggestions?.
DJ Sures
Commented May 2015
That's actually on my list :) don't have an eta yet
Steve G
Commented May 2015

There is something kinda similar you can use, which is the servo touchpad. Not quite a virtual joystick, but has similar properties and works on the mobile interface. Might be worth checking out.

The video in the link shows it in action along with a recorder control. Pretty cool.
Commented May 2015
Thanks for the info guys, the servo touch pad looks very interesting I will definitely check it out thanks Steve G. And DJ Sures I should of known you and your team where already thinking about it. Great job as always.
I will keep checking back. Thanks.
Commented May 2015
here's a screenshot of my mobile app, hope this help. A joystick in the near future will be lovely.
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Commented May 2015
Connecting physical game pads to at least android (don't know about iOS) is possible.
Both with usb cable and wireless through Bluetooth.
Not sure how "plug & play" it is though.

Would adding support for something like that be possible?
Sure would be a nice feature. :)

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Asked on Wednesday, May 20, 2015