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Joystick Button For Mobile Interface?

Is there an option for a joystick style button on the mobile interface. I know I can put directional buttons but I just think having a joystick control would be awesome. Any thoughts or suggestions?.


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@familyman Maybe I misunderstand you, but I think the point of the mobile interface is to give you a joystick type control... Maybe I am not understanding you, but what do you mean by a joystick button? Would not a joystick "button" or control do the same as the directional arrows or do you mean an actual physical joystick? If it is an actual joystick you are talking about, how would you connect it to your android or IOS device? Is there even such a thing? You can grab a cheap 8" tablet like the ACER W3... which will not only give you a full version of ARC but the ability to use an actual joystick as well....
Ok sorry not sure I explained myself correctly. I meant like a virtual joystick thumb pad so you instead of having to press directional buttons you could move it around, does that make? sorry again if I am not explaining myself clearly.
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That's actually on my list:) don't have an eta yet
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There is something kinda similar you can use, which is the servo touchpad. Not quite a virtual joystick, but has similar properties and works on the mobile interface. Might be worth checking out.

The video in the link shows it in action along with a recorder control. Pretty cool.
Thanks for the info guys, the servo touch pad looks very interesting I will definitely check it out thanks Steve G. And DJ Sures I should of known you and your team where already thinking about it. Great job as always.
I will keep checking back. Thanks.
here's a screenshot of my mobile app, hope this help. A joystick in the near future will be lovely.
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Connecting physical game pads to at least android (don't know about iOS) is possible.
Both with usb cable and wireless through Bluetooth.
Not sure how "plug & play" it is though.

Would adding support for something like that be possible?
Sure would be a nice feature.:)

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