ARC Windows/android 2015.02.19.00

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- new EZ-Script command SoundNote() which plays music through the ez-b v4

- New control for Adafruid 8x8 LED Matrix Array in i2c category of Add Control (
"Let's see... a gps module, an accelerometer, a gyro, a compass..."

Fantastic news:)
how about add an EZ-gift voucher for store credit, I'd love to receive one I would drop not so subtle hints all over my family:D
@DJ.... A Gyro would be awesome.... With a Gyro (among other things) you can have your bot execute precise turns at pretty much any angle.... Sweet!

I know you're not a fan of wheel encoders (as a navigation system), and I know you have mentioned some sort of indoor nav system previously... Any chance we will see something like this in 2015?
Im excited for the RGB 8x8 matrix! In the meantime, can this new control drive the 8x8 RGB matrix? Here's a link. It uses the same chip as the single color 8x8. Im assuming, if it can work it would only render a single color.

Heres a link:
United Kingdom
It uses the same I2C address so possibly. If the control doesn't work then you can script it to work however if that's the case I am sure support would quickly be added.

Try it, you wont break it if connected correctly, worst case is the EZ-B may hang on wrong I2C commands.
Dave needs balance and a GPS couldn't hurt!
More to buy in March!
I should have my V4s tomorrow!
Keeps getting better!