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Auto-positions gait actions* 40 Unlimited
Speech recongition phrases* 10 Unlimited
Camera devices* 1 Unlimited
Vision resolution max 320x240 Unlimited
Interface builder* 2 Unlimited
Cloud project size 128 MB
Cloud project revision history Yes
Create Exosphere requests 50/month
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I have been waiting for this one for a LONG time "or someone to do a script for them"

Im wondering if it has tobe the Mini 8x8 LED Matrix w/I2C Backpack - Red "or one of the other colors"

Or if it will also work with these ones as well 8x8 Red LED Matrix with out the I2C Backpack

I have an idea in mind to replace the LEDS with transistor switches


One update to the New control that would be cool is to have it show the lights in the control while its running at the same time as it showing on the matrix itself

I don't have any yet and it would be good to see and test with out having one or even if you do having to look away to see it

Right now I can play with it but I cant see it do any thing at all when I run it:( so I cant really see if it works at all:( lol


@Wolfie... if the control for the 8x8 LED Matrix is I2C, then how would the version of the 8x8 LED matrix work without it's I2C backpack?


I have no idea like I said in another post I know NOTHING about i2c at all a year ago I never even herd of it and I know that if im wondering others are to

United Kingdom

@Wolfie, if the I2C commands are the same for that matrix then the new control will work. If not then it wont. If it's without backpack it wont work, it needs the backpack, that's what controls the LEDs, think of the backpack as a slave to the EZ-B.

As for visual display in ARC to show realtime feedback on the matrix, my guess (and be aware it's a guess so may be wrong) is it would use a lot of system resources which is the opposite direction to how ARC has gone since it's simplification of icons etc.


@Wolfie... Really, where have you been hiding? Without the I2C interface you'll have to drive each LED individually with a different port... So you will need 64 ports for 64 leds....

United Kingdom

@RichardR, not necessarily, you can multiplex/Charlieplex LEDs (which is what this does). This greatly brings down the number of digital ports required however does need very fast switching of signals from high to low.


@Rich... Ok, interesting. Will have to check that out... Thanks


I think that DJ said earlier that 8 of these can be run off of one I2C bus. Dont quote me on the exact number but I think that is the correct number.

United Kingdom

Yes it's 8.They work on I2C addresses 0x70-0x77. You could run two or more on the same address but they would mirror each other since both would respond to the commands sent to the address.


Also - stay tuned because Jeremie is working on a similar ez-bit from us that will be using RGB led's instead of single static color. It will be an extension to the existing RGB Animator that is used in 18 RGB LED Block and Humanoid Head with Camera & RGB Eyes

It'll blow the adafruit 8x8 out of the water...


@DJ.... OK, you're going to have to stop teasing like that.... You know I have an ez robot addiction... My shrink is really going to be mad at you (or happy, not sure which)...:D

United Kingdom

Now that's something I'm looking forward to. I have a few ideas for them. That will be a great addition to the shop.:D


Well - you'll be addicted to the stuff jeremie is making. I will/should be seeing prototypes tomorrow. They should be in the store in March. What are they?

Let's see... a gps module, an accelerometer, a gyro, a compass... maybe a few others:)

We even made them small enough to be clip'n'play and attach to existing revolution robots. Now we're getting serious!

United Kingdom

Excellent stuff. I'm getting all excited now ready to make my next shopping list.:D


"Let's see... a gps module, an accelerometer, a gyro, a compass..."

Fantastic news:)


how about add an EZ-gift voucher for store credit, I'd love to receive one I would drop not so subtle hints all over my family:D


@DJ.... A Gyro would be awesome.... With a Gyro (among other things) you can have your bot execute precise turns at pretty much any angle.... Sweet!

I know you're not a fan of wheel encoders (as a navigation system), and I know you have mentioned some sort of indoor nav system previously... Any chance we will see something like this in 2015?


Im excited for the RGB 8x8 matrix! In the meantime, can this new control drive the 8x8 RGB matrix? Here's a link. It uses the same chip as the single color 8x8. Im assuming, if it can work it would only render a single color.

Heres a link:

United Kingdom

It uses the same I2C address so possibly. If the control doesn't work then you can script it to work however if that's the case I am sure support would quickly be added.

Try it, you wont break it if connected correctly, worst case is the EZ-B may hang on wrong I2C commands.


Dave needs balance and a GPS couldn't hurt! More to buy in March! I should have my V4s tomorrow! Keeps getting better!