ARC Windows Release 2015.10.23.00

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Software Information

- Display disconnected message when attempting to create a servo fine tune when not connected to an ez-b

- new EZ-Script command "Sort" (similar to the plugin but not built into the EZ-Script engine)

- increased EZ-Script parsing in runtime

- plugin updater when EZ-Builder loads
Bhouston can you post the command that doesn't work for you as well?
None of the commands for the Neo Pixel Ring work, For example,


SendSerial(1.d18, 9600, "F0,0,100,0,0,0,50,20,R")

and for the Custom Movement Panel controlling a Sabertooth2 x 12 none of the commands work


SendSerial(1.D0,9600,127) # motor 1 127 is full speed
SendSerial(1.D0,9600,255) # motor 2 255 is full speed
Houston we have a problem!


Thanx really much for testimony :-)

Now we have the evidence that i am not dump.

For Info:

I use 2 EZB to controll 2 Neo Pixel Rings.

No. 1 and No. 3

and both are not working. So with the Port i think this has nothing to do.


PS @ Houston:

Now with your trick the "Scanner" Mode from the NEO works everytime! Thanx Bob
Interesting - I'll take a look and see how it works in my lab and not yours. Sure it's something simple and may require an updated release. stay tuned
Man that was a tough one to debug. It's a pretty big bug with .Net - which i guess may be expected behavior because of the bug? Either way, the Enum.Parse() doesn't throw an exception if the input is an integer even if it's not a valid Enum entry. Anyway, it's fixed!