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- Still weird typing 2016 in release notes. Time flies...
- showcontrol for RoboScratch in EZ-Script to be used in mobile version
- ez-b v4.x/2 comm expansion configuration utility
- RoboScratch double buffer removes flicker when dragging elements
- RoboScratch new element for embedding custom EZ-Script
- *Updated: MPU9150 control for compass tilt compensation and more accurate heading. Read the control manual for calibrating (wave the compass module in a figure 8 to calibrate when ever the values go wonky... just like your iphone asks you to)
- *Updated: SoundBoard (ezb) fix for when there is no auto positioners in project when editing script
Hi Guys, Any more on the compass?

DJ. Either you or Jeremie in one of the other threads about the compass issues mentioned that the sensor device is being redesigned. Are you testing with the old one (that was sold through Brookstone) or one of the new ones?

If it works with the new one, I will wait for its release and include one in my new order. I have almost enough EZ-Credit to cover it anyway, and the accelerometer/gyroscope at least works on this one, so it will have a use, just not the one I bought it for.

Hey Alan,

We are testing with one of the Brookstone sensors. At the moment we are revisiting the older code while we finish up development on the new sensor. As you can see, EZ-Builder is getting some new additions as a result :).
OK. As usual, if there is anything I can do to help test. Logs, debug builds, whatever. I am curious if Richard R's and Andyroid's sensors work better than mine with this build. If they do, I'll assume mine is bad and wait until they are shipping again, but if not, I am here to help....

Hi Alan
I will test mine tomorrow morning and let you know how I make out.

Ron R