ARC Teaser: Iotiny Coming Soon

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- 100% compatible with EZ-Builder for PC,
Android and iOS
- incredibly small footprint!
- 8 digital I/O (servos, switches, buttons, uart, ultrasonic distance, etc)
- 2 adc
- energy effecient digital switching power supply
- amplified audio and speaker for wifi streaming
- ezrobot camera port
- i2c connector
- web interface
- telnet interface
- OTA firmware upgradable

Best of all, it's going to be very affordable! a fraction of the cost of the ezb v4 powerhouse. This will be great for small diy robots or iot devices.

Status: hardware is done. Firmware has two minor tweaks to complete. Should see it on the store with the other ezbits (inverted pendulum, neo pixel controller, etc) over the summer:)

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No prob @RR, I'm looking forward to what you come up with!
Ah geeze guys you did it again! I'm developing something new, that I struggled to to fit the full sized EZB into. The timing is impeccable....I'll take a dozen when they come in! Fantastic job again...finally the EZB mini!
May I ask what the current draw of this little thing will be? I'm getting creative all up in my head, and need this info to make some designs!
My Minion hack will soon live! Two are built but had no room for an EZBv4. A LoTiny will allow me to do the movement and sound (with existing speaker), and will easily fit. Thanks EZ Robot team (especially Jeremie).

Thanks guys, I really appreciate the kudos!

@MazeHorizonTech sorry I haven't had a chance to respond yet, it's been a busy couple days.

Here's some rough current draw specs for you:

IoTiny connected via WiFi to my laptop about a foot away, 7.4V input, no peripherals connected and no audio: 60mA

Same scenario + Version 1 Camera: 140mA

Same scenario + Version 2 Camera: 120mA

Same scenario (audio enabled) + Version 2 Camera + Music playing: 190mA

Just note that there are more than a few variables that can effect current draw:

- Having a weak signal may increase current draw due to the WiFi transceiver working harder

- With a switching power supply, a higher voltage input allows the circuit to run more efficiently so, in turn, current draw decreases

- The more bass in your music/voice = more current draw

- Attaching I2C add-ons will draw more current, the amount completely depends on the device connected

- Adding servos will dramatically increase the current draw, especially under heavy load

- Adding Analog sensors will also increase current draw but usually it's only a few milliamps for most sensors

Hope that helps!