ARC Release 2017.01.17.00

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- Blockly and SYNTAX script edit modes (read below)
- added GetServo for Blockly
- fix for camera tracking in Blockly
- fix for Blockly power() function in math function
- allow selecting the default editor mode (block or syntax programming when editing scripts)
- all camera rotation options supported (mobileapp rotation is limited to what is specified in the blue question mark help)
- fixed RoboScratch Say and SayWait
- added RoboScratch WaitForSpeech
- Blockly loop forever function
- bug fixes for the Blockly EZ-Script editor
- WaitForSpeech() displays the Confidence value when detected before closing
- WaitForSpeech() uses a mininum Confidence value that can be selected in the TOP MENU -> OPTIONS -> PREFERENCES
- Blockly fix for Repeat X Times
- Blockly has a longer WaitForSpeech timeout (10 seconds vs 5 seconds)

All script edits now default to Blockly mode, if there is not already a script. You can change the default behavior in the TOP MENU -> OPTIONS -> PREFERENCES -> DEFAULT EDITOR.

User-inserted image

Code is generated for the new Blockly script edit forms as well...
User-inserted image

You can change the default behavior in the TOP MENU -> OPTIONS -> PREFERENCES -> DEFAULT EDITOR.
User-inserted image

The last edited mode will be restored when editing the script in the future.
last button is wait for glyph

version shown when opening is 2017.01.16.01

running windows 10 -downloaded your new down file
ran the update, it only wanted to update/repair. SO, I deleted the EZ-Builder program, and then downloaded/ran the new update file. Got result above.

I am out of ideas?
@DJ... I am getting the same as Eagle218... Current version of EZ Builder (16.01)... went to the cloud downloaded current JD.EZB file... last button is wait for glyph. Nothing afterwards. However, I don't use RoboScratch so I could be missing a step here...
That's super strange. The project has nothing to do with the wait for speech bubble, and it displays on my pcs. I'll reupload a new build and maybe it's a corrupt file in the installer. Something like this has happened in the past once or twice we have experienced.

I'll upload a new build later this afternoon.
I re-compiled and uploaded a new build. This thread title has been renamed with the new build to reflect version. There are no changes to this build, other than a recompile.
OK, got the "wait for speech" button on the bottom of the list, thx