ARC Release 2014.04.29.00

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This released enhances the Object Tracking and Training module by allowing you to add multiple objects and enter a name of the object into the library. The objects are saved within your EZ-Builder project file as well.


- Give trained object names for project library

- New EZ-Script Command: SleepPC() which allows you to put the computer to sleep or hibernate

- GUI responsive increases
Sometimes there is an error. The object recognized is not the good object. My son laughed a lot with this. But it's really great to start.
Thanks again.
Rich, I'll definitely be getting around to that eventually! One of my super secret projects is my focus right now though, I'm sure you'll understand the delay in some of the small things! :)
@chrissi, oooOOO! Interest piqued! All eyes on chrissi's project now.:D
Don't! I don't want to steal the spotlight!:D
Ok so once it is put to sleep can it also wake a pc? Or would that be manual only?
United Kingdom
If the PC is asleep EZ-Builder (and everything else) will be suspended until it wakes. You would need to manually wake it through one of many methods available such as;

Wakeup On Lan
Wakeup On Ring
Wakeup On Alarm
Pressing the power button
Pressing a key on the keyboard (if enabled)
Moving/clicking the mouse (if enabled)

You could build a simple circuit to add in a wakeup button to the robot which emulates a push of the power button but to be honest the simplest method is WOL.

There are a whole range of apps for mobile devices (Android and iOS) for WOL that can send the magic packet to the PC to wake it. Some will even do this automatically when the device is connected to WiFi (i.e. you walk in the house and the robot turns on).

You could also set it to wakeup on alarm, have the RTC wake up every 30 minutes or hour etc. have EZ-Builder then check a bunch of parameters when it's woken up, if they are not met then it goes back to sleep. It's a slight drain on the battery but timing it properly would make the drain unimportant.