ARC Release 2013.10.15.00

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This release has a few updates for the new [sku:40] support. As well as a bug fix for the virtual desktop support. It would appear our friend Dave has been hard at work on his Full Size B9 Lost in Space EZ-Robot and found an interesting bug! Don't worry dave, here's the fix!

- Fix for loading projects with duplicate controls when using virtual desktops
- Auto Position Fine Tune now allows math to the servo positions so you can easily upgrade to the v4 servo positions (180) from the v3 (100).
United Kingdom
I don't quite understand why you would require that since EZ-Builder runs a GUI which is inaccessible until a user logs in...
to load a fully developed robot without the need to log in..
Specify the computer to auto login as a user.
@DJ woo, i forgot that feature exists in windows!XD
now i can run my project with only a pc without requiring a mouse, keyboard or monitor~!:D
I update the EZ-Builder, but now it does not all commands from Robosapien: (
Many many versions ago the EZ-Script was updated to require strings to be passed as variables. For example,


RoboSapien( "RightArmUp" )