ARC Release 2013.01.04.00

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Communicate with your robot with QR Codes? Only with EZ-Robot! Due to your loyal support, we will never stop advancing the world of robotics. It's our passion to make robotics accessible to everyone! This means continually developing new features, new features, new features, and more new features:)

- Camera Control now detects QR Codes!
- New EZ-Script ControlCommand() parameters for Camera QRCode detection control
- New Example to demonstrate QR Code (Examples -> EZScript -> Functions -> Camera)


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Glyph is much faster detection and requires less processing. QR Code will not supercede glyph, as they have different applications:)
This is too cool. I am just getting started with EZ robot so I am still feeling my way through. The QR code solves a major problem in allowing the robot to read labels to verify position. I was going to use RFID but this is much easier to implement.

On another note - is there any EZ robot work on navigating waypoint to waypoint using GPS ?
United Kingdom
I suspect that's spam, but if not...
we have a qr code generator in EZ-Builder already.
United Kingdom
Damn, I got excited when I saw a release topic in the recent topics hoping DJ had released early... and end up being disappointed with links to QR code generators which, fyi, can be generated in EZ-Builder.