ARC Release 2012.11.05.00

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This release is another tiny one with a big impact for those of you who miss the drop-downs for selecting options. A few releases ago we updated the UI to a new control which requires holding the mouse and dragging the cursor in the appropiate direction. Although many of us like it, some of you miss the old style.

Well, now the Drop Down item list has been restored if one of these two conditions are met:

1) Right Click on a control displays DropDownList


2) When HTTP Server is ENABLED displays DropDownList always

- Right click on parameters to show Down Down list
- HTTP Server makes all parameter fields Drop Down lists
- New ControlCommand() for HTTP Server [StartServer, StopServer]
- HTTP Server Image Compression adjustment for high and low bandwidth connections

I get the same issue with sound files of my own... I don't use it as much yet so I never noticed till I saw this post and tested. .WAV play fine but the same error as @Louis_T when trying to play .MP3

User-inserted image
I cannot reproduce the error - very strange. I can play every audio file in your project with no errors. Great selection of Wall-e audio btw! Some real good ones in there:)

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm this is a toughy
Thanks DJ, some of those sound i custom made them using a Wav editing program, especially the starting/charging sequence, I couldn't find some of them on the net so I made it. Well I hope you can figure out what's happening here, @gunner...glad I'm not the only one :-)
I found it... I am able to reproduce the error on another computer. It works fine on my development machine, and not on another. I'll have it fixed for the next version as usual:)

It's amazing how big the differences can be between different processor manufacturers and windows versions. The low level interop calls seem to be unpredictable
Wow...glad it was not my system:)