ARC Release 2012.10.09.00

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EZ-Builder is getting a makeover... This includes new colors, buttons, controls and more. This release is the first in our series of makeover updates. I want you to be proud of the fantastic EZ-Builder application you have inspired for me to create. Show off your EZ-Robot in style!:)

- New startup splash intro
- New startup audio
- ESC key cancels splash intro
- Splash intro not displayed when file is loaded from command line or explorer
- Custom Movement Panel is controlled by external controls
- Camera Control saves and restores selected video device
- HTTP Server displays mouse location in Live Remote Control
- Wallpaper feature removed to be replaced with user defined wallpapers in next update

Thanks DJ, The Custom Movement Panel now links to the to the Ping Radar Control. But it may still not be quite right. For Me the Ping Radar Control "Reverse before Turn" does not work quite correctly. With the "Reverse before Turn" active the Robot goes into reverse when the Ping Distance is too small but never does a turn. With the "Reverse before Turn" deactivated the Robot Turns Right as expected when the Ping Distance is too small. I have not tried Camera Tracking.
Robotman, please read description of release update notes to recognize the changes.
Thanks MovieMaker,

I could not open the new build until I followed the path that you provided. I manually opened it from there and all is well.
Hello Guys,

Did we lose the ability to set the camera resolution in the new build? We used to max it out to get 35 foot glyph detections. Now we seem to get 5 foot glyph detections. Maybe we are missing it.

Also, are there any script commands that use the new tracking variables?

Thanks again
LOVE THE $CameraCenterX and $CameraCenterY variables DJ in the EZ-Script and improved tracking features!

Thanks DJ